As an emerging procedure, treatment plan for alcohol abuse help troubled individuals in overcoming addiction, emotional as well as psychological problems. It exposes them to an environment which is unknown to them and allows the nature to carry out its own healing process. The program starts out with an assessment of the clients which is followed by the treatment of the client and then analyzing the various outcomes.

Need for a wilderness program was identified when adolescent and middle aged individuals had to be treated for certain issues. It also came to the forefront because of the specific needs of the clients and the inflexibility that was experienced by them in the treatment of their psychological problems. The therapy has turned out to be quite effective for a majority of individuals who experience emotional and psychological problems.

Nowadays, teenagers and many middle aged individuals are exposed to an environment that promotes all the wrong moral values and corrupts even the best of people. Kids while growing up as well as middle aged individuals are all the more prone to peer pressure and the need to satisfy their growing desires. This often leads towards a path which can be detrimental for them in the long run. There is often quite a huge gap between their expectations and achievements which make these individuals turn to drugs in order to escape the dark realities of their lives and feel better about themselves. They start off with hallucinogens which give them a feeling of elation and happiness but all of it is only temporary which makes them go even deeper so that they experience this elation and happiness often.

The treatment to cure addiction as well as an individual’s depressed state of mind often focuses on the imbalance of chemicals in their brain. Rather than taking a holistic view, these treatments focus their attention on putting the clients on medication and treating their addiction with the same set of medicines. On many occasions, even conventional treatment does not guarantee that the patient would follow the prescription since most of them prefer opting for outpatient services.

Wilderness Programs takes each client as a separate case and focuses on customizing their therapy so that it suits the client’s psychological makeup. These programs are generally expensive as well because of its nature of taking the client to the wilderness for a period of over 20 days. The program focuses on satisfying all the basic needs of the clients during the duration of the therapy. Many of them even offer financial assistance either through state sponsored subsidy or a system which involves co-pay assistance.

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