Did you know that e-cigarettes were created by a man as an alternative to smoking the traditional cigarette that was healthier and less prone to causing cancer? This man was not only someone who wanted to revolutionise the smoking industry, but a pharmacist who wanted to save lives. If you’re currently smoking traditional, tobacco cigarettes then keep reading to figure out why you should be switching to e-cigarettes.

Switching to E-Cigarettes

#1 Odourless

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is a smelly endeavour, but e-cigarettes are completely odourless! All you’re breathing out of your lungs is water vapour, and nothing comes out of the e-cigarette until you begin the process of inhaling.

The odour of cigarette smoke will get into just about anything that it comes in contact with, such as your car, hair, and clothing. Not only does it cling, but many consider the scent offensive and they avoid close contact with those who smoke. If you’re someone who smokes, you won’t notice it as much because you’re immersed in the scent all the time. To a non-smoker, especially someone who used to smoke, this smell is noticeable.


#2 Much Cheaper

Once you’ve purchased a starter kit and all you need are the nicotine e-liquid refills—smoking an e-cigarette is much cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. It used to be you could purchase a pack of high-quality cigarettes for a very low price, but now you pay seven to ten times that rate! Some of the increase can be blamed on traditional inflation and rising prices of fuel, but taxes also play a huge role.

You can spend a few hundred dollars a month on traditional cigarettes, but an e-cigarette is around half that of cost. That’s a few hundred dollars a month you can save, depending on how much you smoke.


#3 Safer

Due to burning tobacco, not to mention using an open flame to light it up, traditional cigarettes pose a serious fire hazard. Traditional cigarettes are the number one cause of fire related death in eight countries worldwide. Cigarettes cause 10 per cent of all fire-related deaths across the globe.

With an e-cigarette, you’re not burning an open flame and you don’t have a hot end that will burn you, clothes, furniture, or any small kids that happen to be nearby. When e-cigarettes are used as intended and not modified, they are much safer than a traditional cigarette.


#4 Health

Traditional cigarettes are much more harmful to a person’s health than an e-cigarette. There are countless studies that show how smoking a traditional cigarette puts you at a higher risk of many different conditions, including heart attack, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s, and many others.


Traditional cigarettes also contain many different chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer.

#5 Social

Lastly, there are serious social impacts of cigarettes. Over the years, smoking has been viewed as negative by society’s standards for many different reasons. The health consequences, smell, and the healthcare costs all have given traditional cigarettes a bad reputation. If you’re someone who smokes, you’ve probably noticed an increasing amount of restrictions where you’re able to light up—e-cigarettes are not on that banned list.


You can smoke e-cigarettes just about anywhere! Plus they’re socially acceptable by friends and family.

Overall, e-cigarettes are much more acceptable and they are a lot safer than the traditional cigarette, which is why many people are making the switch.

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