The reason why steroids came into use was because of its quick muscle gaining capacity and enhances the strength of one’s body. Anavar is one such steroid that dates back to 1960. People, who belong to the body building industry, call it a male sex hormone. It is considered as a strong drug, which helps an individual to balance between mind and body and also yield successful results.

Why people prefer Anavar Clen Cycle?

The functioning of Anavar is closely related to that of Clenbuterol. It is also suggested as a medication for asthma, but only if recommended by the doctor. Clenbuterol is a beta2-adrenergic agonist, which causes muscles to relax. Anavar tablets are also suggested by experts to those who are having extensive loss of muscles. This can be either because of excessive bed rest or due to AIDS and cancer as well.

The recommendation of such medication is given only after knowing about the physical condition of the patient. It is recommended for both men and women, but the dosage varies as men can use between 20 to 100mg daily, whereas for women it is 20 mcg daily. You need to also know about the side-effects before you start consuming this. You can start from least dosage and then proceed to the higher one.

Benefits that Anvar serves

Due to its numerous health effects, it is used by many athletes and even ordinary men and women. The requirement is different, so is the dosage and therefore should be handled carefully. The exercise only burns the visible fat in your body, but there is still some fat left, which can be removed by medications. Some of the benefits that anavar serves to both the gender are –

  1. It is used by women and men athletes to put some weight they require for bulky muscle.
  2. It helps in building strength in the body.
  3. It also reduces the fat stored in the body.
  4. It helps to energize the body mechanism.


The effects can be seen within few weeks of consumption. It is sometimes difficult to spot the difference and changes in your body. So, you can take your picture during the day when you start your anavar cycle and then compare it when your cycle ends.

If taken correctly and at the right time the medication shows some remarkable changes. Anavar and Clenbuterol works by enhancing the synthesis of the protein level that leads to the development of the cell.

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