Women who have breast cancer may need to have lumpectomies or mastectomies. This leaves a woman without an important body part. When it comes to a woman reclaiming her femininity following a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgery is essential. Breast reconstruction surgery has come a long way, and women who have overcome the battle of breast cancer often want to take advantage of this procedure to get their bodies back to “normal”.

When a surgeon performs breast reconstruction surgery, the surgeon rebuilds the breast to match the shape and size of the other breast. The areola and the nipple can even be added. While not all women who have had breast cancer are good candidates for breast reconstruction surgery, many women find the procedure to be a very positive thing.

Why have breast reconstruction surgery?

 There are many reasons why women may choose breast reconstruction surgery.The ideal candidate for breast reconstruction surgery will be okay with having more surgery after a mastectomy or lumpectomy and will feel whole again after breast reconstruction surgery. If you are not okay with a breast form you can take off and put on, surgery may be ideal for you.

How soon after a mastectomy or lumpectomy can breast reconstruction surgery be done?

 Breast reconstruction surgery can be done either immediately where the surgeon will actually begin the process during the same operation as a mastectomy. This is not necessary though. Breast reconstruction surgery can be done years after the mastectomy as well.

Are there different types of breast reconstruction surgery?

 There are two different kinds of breast reconstruction surgery: implant reconstruction and flap reconstruction. Flap reconstruction uses the patient’s own tissue from a different part of the body, and the surgeon will shape it into a new breast. Implant reconstruction uses breast implants to reform the breasts. To determine which method will be ideal for you, you should consider your body type, your cancer treatments, and the type of mastectomy you are having.

What is the best way to prepare for breast reconstruction surgery?

You will need to discuss the details of your procedure with your surgeon. He or she will be able to provide you with guidelines on your diet before surgery, help with smoking cessation if you are a smoker, and instructions to take or stop specific vitamins, supplements, and medicines.

Breast reconstruction surgery is a wonderful option for many women. For others, there may be other options you want to pursue. To determine what is right for you, you need to make sure you are well informed about all of the options available to you. Have a conversation with your physician about breast reconstruction surgery. He or she will be able to tell you whether or not you are an ideal candidate, and he or she will also be able to inform you of the benefits and drawbacks associated with breast reconstruction surgery. For more information, please have a look at http://www.completewomencare.com

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