Good dental care is important to maintain healthy teeth, gums and tongue. Some common dental problems like bad breadth, dry mouth, cold sore, tooth decay can be treated with proper dental care and treatment. Dental implant is a type of oral surgery and has to be done with great caution for people, who have lost one or more teeth.

Success of dental implant depends on the health of an individual, treatment received, drugs prescribed, healing potential of tissue and the amount of stress, which is put on the implant and the fixture during the procedure is also counted.

There are several questions which a patient has in his/her mind when a doctor suggests a dental implant

An oral surgeon must be qualified enough to remove the original tooth which has decayed severely and replacing with an artificial tooth.

Involved in Dental Implant

A dental implant is titanium screw strong enough to support the post inside it. Once the screw and post are mounted, the dentist covers the tooth with the crown. There is a wrong belief among people that the implant replaces the whole tooth. However, this is not true, as it replaces only the root.

Dental implants are not rejected usually as jaw bone accepts it easily. It has the success rate of about 95%. The implant can be rejected if the patient is allergic to titanium or care of Santé Dentaire implant dentaire is not taken properly. People who are addicted to smoking are most likely to have failed implants than others.

The implants are not noticeable because it is of perfect match to the colour and shape of your teeth. It can only be discovered if radiograph is done which shows the metal part of the implant.

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Dental implant can last for lifetime, if oral hygiene is followed regularly. Healthy habits like brushing your teeth, flossing, rinsing your mouth and routine dental check-up will make an implant long lasting.

Following the implant surgery many patients take pain killers for 2-5 days after the procedure. If more than one implant was done or bone grafting surgery was performed, it causes discomfort. So, it is important to take the prescribed medicines after the procedure. The technique applied for dental implant takes 3 – 4 hours for completing the entire procedure.

Dental implant is an expensive treatment and can cause thousands of dollars for one single tooth. However, to ignore implant can cause more complications like gum decay and bone damage. Thus, spending money on the implant makes you feel comfortable while eating and talking and also gives long life to your other remaining original teeth.

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