Everyone can agree that mountain valley spring water is good for your health. It not only tastes better than tap water, it helps give you peace of mind that your water is coming from a much cleaner source in a natural environment. But aside from the fact that spring water is obviously a cleaner choice, there are other benefits to drinking spring water that are good for your body and good for the earth. Let’s discover five of these key benefits today in this blog!

Benefit #1: Spring Water Contains Naturally Occurring Minerals That are Good for Your Body

One major difference between mountain valley spring water and purified bottled water is how the mineral content is added in. Minerals like sodium, calcium, and potassium help give water its taste, so they are often added into purified water after it’s cleaned by manmade processes to taste good. Natural spring water, however, already contains these minerals because it’s gone through a natural underground filtration process in the spring. These naturally occurring minerals provide important electrolytes for your body in the right balance.

Benefit #2: Spring Water Has a Healthy PH Balance that Leans More Alkaline

The rich mineral content in mountain valley spring water also happens to have a slightly alkaline PH balance, which is perfect for your body. From the PH scale of 0 to 14, healthy body PH levels are in the center at number 7 with a slight trend toward alkaline. Healthy PH levels keep vital organs in working order and give you an overall sense of well-being.

Benefit #3: The Taste of Spring Water Makes Hydration Easier

Because our taste buds naturally gravitate toward water’s mineral content, it can be easier to get the right amount of fluids by drinking spring water. Did you know that your body is composed of 65% water? That’s nearly two-thirds! All the more reason to hydrate your body each day.

Benefit #4: Drinking Spring Water Helps You Look More Attractive

Yes, you read that right – scientific evidence suggests that drinking more water can actually make you look prettier. Drinking water before and after meals helps promote weight loss, and drinking water throughout the day hydrates your cells, making your skin look fuller and healthier. Mountain valley spring water has these benefits too in addition to the previous ones mentioned.

Benefit #5: Spring Water Retains its Purity from the Spring to Your Table

Marketing companies quickly caught on to spring water’s health benefits and often promote regular purified and even chemically treated water as “spring water” to customers. Real spring water, however, is only sourced from a natural spring. If it’s bottled at the source location, that’s even better. Chefs and food critics vastly prefer this kind of water for its superiority in taste and mouth feel.

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