We hear a lot about safe sex, and probably, most of us comprehend the need for the same. There are so many ads, stories and other informative contents that tell us about the goodness of using condoms. If you are a man who is sexually active, choosing condoms as prime way of safe sex can have a number of benefits.

Condoms at a Glance

Here are some of the best advantages of using male condoms.

Prevent pregnancies

Condoms were invented to offer a way of safe sex, where you and your partner can avoid unwanted pregnancies. Unless you have been in the situation, it is hard to imagine things and aftermath of getting unexpectedly pregnant. The woman usually has the most amount of physical and emotional trauma, and even after successful abortion, there are consequences. Just look for RipNRoll.com condoms, and you don’t need to worry about such situations. Condoms are known to be 98% effective in avoiding pregnancies.

Condoms Prevent pregnancies

Avoid STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections, also known as STDs are pretty common, especially when a person has more than one partner. Condoms are the best and tested ways to avoid a number of infections and diseases, which are directly or indirectly related to intercourse. Even if you don’t know your partner, using a condom is just the best way to avoid unwarranted situations. Unprotected sex with more than one person can increase the chances of HIV magnificently.

Condoms Avoid STDs

Your own choice

Condoms aren’t the only solution for avoiding pregnancy. You may have heard of birth control bills, copper T and even injections, which are given to the woman to keep unexpected situations at bay. However, most of these other forms of contraception must be decided in consultation with a doctor, and each one must be evaluated for both long and short term effects, before prescription. This is not the case with condoms, which are available at any medical store for quick access. Adding to the benefits, condoms are cheap and can be afforded by anyone and everyone.

Your own choice

No side effects

Most of us are concerned with the side effects that are caused by various forms of contraception, but that’s not the case with condoms. Condoms don’t have any side effects, along as you are using good brands. Some men do tend of have allergy for different kinds of latex, which is the only thing to be checked. Even if you have an itching sensation or other issues, those are just limited to the skin. There are no long term side effects, which is kind of great for the man and woman alike.

Condoms No side effects

Great for women

Condoms are the best inventions for women in general. While they can avoid unwanted pregnancies, condoms also help them in keeping their menstrual cycle normal. Unlike pills, condoms don’t mess with the natural working of the body, and thereby, there are no harmful aspects of the same. Also, some studies say that women can enjoy sex better with condoms, due to extra stimulation.

Great for women

Still need reasons to use a condom?

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