Hair loss can affect a person at any stage of life, and for the fashion conscious female, it can be disastrous. Self-confidence takes a plunge if there are visible balding areas, and while there are many types of medication that claim to reduce, or even halt hair loss, by far the best solution is a non-surgical procedure that uses human hair extensions.

Hair Integration Systems

The demand by modern women for a practical solution to hair loss has led to the development of hair integration systems that not only cover up any thin areas, they also allow you to live a full life without the worry of hair loss, as the system is cleverly attached using a fine mesh, which is woven into the existing hair. Then, small sections of human hair are woven into the mesh, covering the affected area, and this can work well with any form of hair loss.


Women who receive chemotherapy as a form of cancer treatment will lose all their hair after a few sessions, as this is a temporary side effect of the radioactive treatment. The hair integration system can be attached to the scalp using surgical tape, and with the skill of the technician, you will soon have a full head of hair, and this will not inhibit your new hair regrowth in any way.

Product Claims

Be careful when looking at products that are said to cure hair loss, and there are many potions and creams that promise exactly that, yet there is no clinically proven cure for hair loss. Using human hair extensions is a painless, non-surgical method of covering up hair loss, and with modern techniques, you can lead a normal life.

Online Solutions

If you have noticed clumps of hair on your pillow in the mornings, this might be the onset of hair loss, and by contacting an expert, such as, who have studios across the UK, you can find out about the most effective treatments available today. An online search will give you the location of the nearest studio, and with their expert advice, you can be sure to select the best treatment.

Versatile and Customised

Hair integration has come a long way in the past few years, and whether the problem is partial or total, there are effective treatments available. Often, hair loss is temporary and with a hair integration system, it can be easily removed when your hair has regrown. If the condition is permanent, the system will need regular adjustment, but it will give you a full head of hair and will not inhibit your lifestyle in any way. The human hair extensions that are carefully woven into your real hair can be treated as your own, in terms of washing and conditioning, and you can take part in extreme sports, confident that your hair attachments are secure.

Hair loss needn’t be such a drastic condition, and with modern treatments, a woman can lead a normal life, and be confident about her appearance.


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