There are a lot of proven physical benefits to participating in a body weight training program.  In fact, a body weight training program is one of the few things in life in which the older you are, the more potential benefits it can provide.

No matter what your age, a body weight training program can increase your strength, flexibility, and energy level.  As we age, strengthening our connective tissues, muscles and tendons becomes more important to maintain posture and balance, reducing the risk of injuries. Improving bone density and preventing further bone loss is another major benefit of strength training.

Statistics show that despite their best intentions, even those with gym memberships pay for much more than what they actually use.  One of the reasons for that is that going to the gym requires more scheduling, driving, and energy than most people have left by the end of the day.  Using a gym can have a number of other unpleasant side effects as well.

Many popular exercise machines overemphasize the importance of certain muscle groups, based on physical appearance rather than physical performance. A body weight training program is much more holistic, in that it focuses on how muscle groups interact with one another in motion during activities of everyday life.  Rather than the goal being merely to look good while striking a pose, the goal is to feel good while participating in beneficial and enjoyable physical activities.

Luckily, there are a number of online body weight training programs available that require little, if any, equipment.  They focus instead on using the body itself as weight for both strengthening your core and increasing flexibility.  Bodyweight exercises engage all the core stabilization muscles, including abdominals, lower back muscles, hip stabilizers, and shoulders.  A strong core provides the best protection against injuries.

Besides lower cost and greater convenience, many online programs offer video tutorials that demonstrate proper form for each exercise.  These tutorials allow people to customize their own workouts according to their specific needs as well as learn new routines at their own pace.  Rather than competing with others in public, online programs provide support and encouragement.  Members can read and share information with others who share similar health issues and goals through open forums.

Fitness experts are also available to answer questions, or even design custom fitness plans to accommodate individual schedules and nutritional needs. Unlike a New Year’s resolution to join a gym, being part of an online fitness community is a much easier commitment to keep.  In fact, many find that rather than something they dread, it becomes a welcome, and healthy, part of their everyday lives.

One of the benefits of aging is the wisdom that accompanies it.  Older people are finding that a body weight training program is the best way to not just look good, but to feel good.

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