Steroids are surely best thing made to improve one’s physical appearance as t provides a long list of Amazing effects. Out of every 7 person, one use steroid on regular basis and most of them thinks of using it and this makes popularity of steroids to grow even more. One of the highly effective steroids is Anavar. It is also known as Oxandrolone and is androgenic anabolic steroid. Anavar is popular for its fast and long lasting effects. It is on almost every body builder’s mouth as it is the perfect drug to stack in bulking and cutting cycle. Anavar is available easily online as well on any drug stores. But due to it’s effectively it can mostly be purchased via prescription. It is also banned in several countries due to its harmful effects while in some it is available even without prescription. The dosage cycle of Anavar is one of the important factor which helps in preventing from its side effects. Anavar is generally available in tablets, injection and pills. Oral way is most common way to consume it. If this dosage pattern is not followed properly then it can lead to negative outcomes. Anavar is known for its effects such as weight loss and lipolysis. One of the benefits of using Anavar is that it produces every less or no side effects. But that happens only if Anavar is consumed properly. Its abuse and overuse can cause some serious health issues. One should really be careful while following Anavar cycle.

Anavar is known for its very less bijwerkingen bij mannen but there are many serious health issues can cause by it. Some of them are mentioned below:

Prostate enlargementit is one of the serious side effects of using Anavar. Oxandrolone basically associated with dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Anavar increase the production of DHT which helps in the development of various physical and sexual characters. When secretion of DHT increases more than a limit, the there are more chances of prostate enlargement. And this effect is something which cannot be reversible. If you are already suffering from prostate enlargement then avoid using Anavar.

Alcohol and Anavar– if you are taking alcohol on regular basis or have any history of its addiction or abuse then ignore using Anavar. As it is highly addictive steroid, it will make the situation worse. Now it’s up to you that do you want to improve your appearance or continue sticking with alcohol.

Women using Anavar-  There is very less steroids available for developing women body and Anavar can be counted into them. But using Anavar will come up with several other side effects. As it is associated with testosterone it will produce masculine characters such as Deeping of voice, excessive face and hair growth if not taken properly. The average dosage for women is10 mg per day for 6-8 weeks regularly. You will find some amazing effects if used it properly.

Using Anavar with precaution will help you in not getting any side effects and gaining a ripped or toned physique.