Also known as mini face lift, the process of S-Lift is apt for those in an age group of 45-55 years of age. The procedure derived its name ‘S’ because a small incisions is made to the front of the ear to lifts the tissues and skin resulting in youthful appearance. The incision allows to lift and tighten the underlying muscles and re-drape the facial skin and neckline to achieve a rejuvenated look.

Compared to other facial surgery, S-Lift has potentially less visible scars. Not only that, complications like bleeding, suffering of the tissues, sensitivity, hair loss etc. is less here.  Swelling and bruises are limited to a few days after that it disappears.

Suitable for Smokers

This technique is used by men and women, who have light to moderate drooping in their face’s lower part and around neck. Chain smokers who are not fit for liposuction, can easily go for this technique as there is no risk of tissue suffering. So, this procedure is an interesting alternative for smokers.

S-Lift Facelift Surgery

After the Procedure

According to famous Cosmetic Surgeon, Elise Bernier, S-Lifting demands the same precautions unlike other counterparts such as prior health evaluation, avoidance of medications that causes bleeding, etc. Yet what set S-Lift apart is that it is performed under local anaesthesia that allows detaching the tissues and preventing bleeding using tumescence solution.

The surgeon separates the skin located near the ear, to gain access to the muscles, which will be tightened with the threads. The incision can be concealed inside the ear that is closed with the help of an invisible thread. You will be discharged the same day itself with a bandage over the incision, which can be removed after a day. Pain, though minimal, can be relieved with analgesics.


The very next day after surgery, you may notice bruises and swelling, which will last a day or two. The sutures is ideally removed 6 or 7 days after the procedure. Within a week or so, you can resume your normal activities.

Is the Results Permanent?

The aging process is unstoppable. The rate at which your skin ages depends on family heredity, exposure to sun, lifestyle (tobacco intake, food intake) and skin care like vitamins A, C, E, etc.

Thus, S-Lifting is a new tool in the medical science to fight against aging. If you are planning for one, consult your physician for more information. You can also feel free to contact Dr. Bernier’s team for more information and personalized evaluation.

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