Brain is a real magical organ that controls the whole human body. Cognitive is a psychological term used to describe the ability of human brain to know, understand, perceive, judge and keep in memory everything happening around. Human brain is a great storage device and utilises the data stored for various purposes which may be voluntary or involuntary like mood, memory, sleep and wake routine, hunger, the urge to pass urine,etc. People have the potential to use the perceived data for acting upon various matters around him and this capacity is called cognitive performance, that is, in short, the capacity to act according to a situation.

Cognitive capacity can be moulded to use it better. It can be attained by psychological training. But training alone won’t do for a better cognitive performance. There are several other factors that affect the cognitive capacity of human brain. They are explained below:


The brain needs essential nutrients for its proper functioning in daily life. The major part of energy humans get from food is used by brain rather than other parts/ organs of  human body. It needs to recreate the damaged cells and all these requires good nutrition. The nutrients required are normally received from the food but sometimes these nutrients won’t be sufficient, as everybody know that, food today are not rich in nutrients. In such cases, food supplements can do the job. A sound body will always have a sound mind. Deficiency of several nutrients causes lack of related cognition. Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Choline are important for brain functioning and its development.

Sound Sleep

A good sleep is a dream for many people nowadays due to stress and strain of life. Some don’t get enough time to sleep in the  run whereas some don’t get proper sleep because of stress. Whatever the reason most people are sleep deprived. Many don’t know the fact that having not slept enough they are going to collapse one day as sleep deprivation makes cognitive function slow. Such people can’t keep proper attention to anything they do and is also a reason for memory loss.


Dehydration – a common word everyone often hear. But no one expects that has something to do with cognitive potential. It’s really shocking that just two percentage dehydration damages the capacity to be fully attentive and quick memorisation which is essential for every human beings. But such impairing do not happen if the dehydration has occurred through a light workout. So it is decided upon how and how much one is dehydrated.

Idle Mind

‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ is a most common proverb which can be mentioned at this point. A devil can decay one’s mind. Similarly if the brain don’t get any exercise that too will get decayed. Unused iron gets rusted but if it is used, that makes it sharper. Similar is the condition of human brain too.


Stress cause damage to the brain cells. As a result one’s performance can be greatly affected.


Aging causes loss of memory, improper reflexes, reduced attention, etc which as a result reduces the overall cognitive performance.

All the above mentioned factors affect better cognitive performance of individuals. A little bit of care in the lifestyle can bring a great difference in our performance.

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