Significance in weight loss

Obesity is the root cause of the discovery of an enormous number of diseases in the human body. Somehow the sophistication in the contemporary world has given rise to situations whereby individuals do not get time to focus on their health. If one wishes to shed off those extra pounds as promptly as possible, complementing the diet plan and exercise regimes with a weight loss drug serve as the best measure. Qsymia is an epitome of such drug fostering quick and reliable weight loss. As per the manufacturer’s statement, it is remarked that this drug will help in loosing up to 10% of the body weight. It is a combination of various effective stimulators thereby it is more effective when compared to the sole result of using such stimulators. It has aided numerous individuals in transforming their dream of a lean and fit body into a reality.

An effective tool

Testimonials have been a proof, that including consumption of Qsymia for facilitating fat loss really works. The manufacturer guarantees a reduction of about 24 pounds without rigorous workouts. But combining it with a prescribed diet plan and a bit of hardship can reap overwhelming outcomes. The majority of individuals have benefitted from bringing it into use. Before its initiation, consulting a renowned physician is crucial, without proper guidance of an expert it can showcase harmful side effects too. Due emphasis is laid on taking proper guidance in this regard, as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Its impeccable results are for those who are strong and enduring enough to bear it. The FDA approved Qsymia has remarked 4 times better results in individuals than those who have opted for an ordinary course of diet and exercise.

Beware of the side effects

It would be not less than a crime if one includes consumption of Qsymia without consulting a physician. Though it has remarked efficiency, it has proved disastrous for people too. It is strictly prohibited for those:

  • Who are pregnant or nursing
  • Suffering from thyroid or glaucoma disorders
  • Encountering heart problems and seizure disorders
  • Suffering from liver and kidney issues.

When one wishes to wean off the drug, due guidance must be taken and abolishing it abruptly should be avoided so as to get rid of the chance of occurrence of seizures and other health problems. Side effects borne by individuals include-

  • Mental disturbances including anxious behaviour, mood swings and depression
  • Insomnia along with an inability to sleep and stay awake.
  • Negative impacts on moods and encouraging peculiar thoughts of suicide.
  • Concentration problems with loss of memory and speech.
  • Neurological issues such as jittery feelings and dizziness
  • Pounding heartbeats and fluttering in chest, urinary issues
  • Vision problems, Nausea, Vomiting, constipation and diarrhoea.


The FDA approved Qsymia is not suitable for everyone. If taken under the proper guidance of a physician in the adequate amount with the adequate supplements, it can do wonders in the weight loss journey. But if one dares to take it lightly and use it without consultation, it will showcase disastrous results.

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