Invisalign is the best mode of treatment for individuals, who like to straighten their teeth. Hence, they will surely like to know more about the process involved in fixing invisalign, the proper ways to take care of it and to understand many more considerations involved till the whole treatment is complete.

The key benefit of invisalign compared to other options of correcting the teeth structure:

It is invisible thus you don’t have to feel awkward or ashamed to wear them. They are more comfortable to be worn than braces as they are clipped by metal clips or tightened by wires. The treatment is little costly than other mode of straightening teeth, quite worthy as the treatment is completed in shorter period and you don’t need to spend lot of time during monthly consultation.

What can you do while having Invisalign:

  • You can eat any kind of food stuff, including hard and sticky stuff.
  • While wearing treatment fixtures that were available earlier, people were usually conscious and were less inclined to smile while taking snaps. However, with the invisible invisalign an individual can be his usual self while taking photo shoots.


  • Invisaligns need to be cleaned thoroughly at least once in a week. The best option is to soak them in mild warm water having two spoons of vinegar. It will be beneficial to rinse them thoroughly before using the invisalign again. Many users utilize denture cleaners to clean them .

What isn’t advisable to do while wearing invisalign?

  • Consuming color pigmented food or drinks aren’t preferable while wearing invisible fixtures as the color may stick on it.
  • Taking care of your aligners is quite important to have speedy completion of treatment. Make sure that you take it out slowly as aligners can break or get scratched easily. Don’t touch them often with your tongue or fingers even if you feel uncomfortable while wearing them.


  • Dentists’ advice that removing the aligners before having meal is a better option for taking care. Brushing and flossing twice a day aids to keep them bacteria free as there is every chance of it getting affected by allergens. Rinsing your mouth every few hours will be helpful to keep the aligners clean.

Taking best care of your invisalign as per the instructions of well known Orthodontists rive sud Montreal will help you to set your teeth quickly and have perfect oral health.