It’s that time of the year again when you should make some serious fitness resolutions to stay healthy and fit. This time it’s more than just promising to lose those few extra pounds or get in shape. As long as following your resolutions is concerned, the more specific you are, the better it is for your health. The more you focus on those specific parts of your body which needs extra attention, the better you can streamline the fitness of your body. Here is some of the most important fitness goals which you should resolve to follow throughout 2017.

#1: Stay in it for the long term and not for short term

Currently, you must be hitting the gym in order to get yourself in the best shape. But it won’t be the same all the way and hence you just have to realize that fitness should be a vital part of your life throughout the coming decades. There are many who pass away on their fitness habits unless they turn 50s but this is not the way that you should adopt. You need to come to terms with the fact that fitness needs to be a lifetime commitment and your goals should keep changing with your changing expectations.

#2: Get into a healthy nutrition plan

Nutrition goals are extremely crucial for you to obtain success and this is believed by most fitness experts and conditioning specialist. Choosing the most effective nutrition plan will depend on your health and fitness goals but you can definitely follow the general goal of eating more fruits and vegetables along with carbohydrates and protein. Your specific fitness goals will tell you how much you should consume. Also take your best steps to restrain junk food.

#3: Keep track of your vital statistics and try to maintain it

This vital statistics is in reference to your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and resting heart rate. There are lot of people who don’t remember these numbers and hence it gets tough to monitor these on a consistent basis. But such statistics get too important as you start getting older; so you can well understand how important it is to keep a track of these and take immediate steps when you sense a problem.

#4: Maintain your balance and flexibility

There are many who lose their balance and flexibility with age and it is when you lose your flexibility that you decrease the integrity of your joints. You gradually become more vulnerable to joint injuries, broken bones and muscle tears.

Therefore, if you’re eager to spend a healthy life, keep resolving things on your health and make sure you follow them throughout the year and throughout your life.

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