There is no need to live with chronic or lingering pain. Those who do are missing out on their beloved activities and the fullness of life. Whether it is severe or simply annoying, there is treatment for aches and pain throughout the body. Some people will turn to different doctors and treatment options to find relief, and one option for a whole-person approach to healing is osteopathy.

What Is Osteopathy

It is possible you have never heard of osteopathy. While less known than traditional doctors and chiropractors, every year this form of drug-free medical treatment heals the aches and soft-tissue pains of many people. An osteopath is a certified and trained professional who must complete a degree and practical training in the specialisation of providing holistic and whole-body medical services.

The exact methods employed by an osteopath differ depending on the injury or pain being treated, but at the base of every osteopathy practice are certain core values. To start, osteopathy is based on the philosophy that the human body has innate healing powers to recover from disease and injury, and when pain or injury persists it is because that healing process simply needs some assistance to start. The body might be overwhelmed and simply cannot regroup and heal on its own, but through manual treatments can return to regular functionality.

As well, osteopathy is a physical approach to treatment that likely includes hands-on sessions and sets of exercises to be performed at home. However, osteopathy is not chiropractic. While a chiropractor focuses on realignment and adjustment to provide relief from pain, an osteopath uses manual medicine so that the body can heal itself. Unlike chiropractors, osteopaths seek to treat the body as a whole, believing that if one part of the body is not functioning at its highest capacity, it is affecting other systems and muscles.

What Ailments Are Healed by Osteopathy

This approach to medical treatment appeals to many people in the United Kingdom because it is holistic and a great way to solve persistent aches and injuries. Often musculoskeletal injuries and pains keep people from doing activities they love, or perhaps a physical activity or work caused the original injury. Ready to re-engage fully in the wonderful things to do throughout Wales without pain? Click here if you are looking for osteopaths in Swansea.

Loosen Up to a Better Life with Osteopathy

Osteopathy treats a number of ailments. Practitioners see patients who deal with chronic pain throughout the body. Whether pain lives in the hips, back, or joints, there are specific treatments in osteopathy. Pain due to arthritis, sciatica, and spinal disc injuries can also be helped and healed by a knowledgeable osteopath. Osteopathy can also help heal sports injuries, chronic or persistent pain anywhere in the body, strains, headaches, and muscle stiffness.

As the practice treats the entire body, there are some wonderful mental and physical effects of osteopathy beyond the exact place of pain or injury. Most commonly, people experience reduced stress and anxiety. Osteopathy also releases tension throughout the body. In these ways, osteopathy does more than heal a single injury or point of pain; it allows patients to live a fuller and more enjoyable life.

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