For sure you already heard about the thyroid secret as it is really making a big hit online. However, there are a lot of detractors making negative comments about this video. They say that this video is just a hoax.

For those who have not checked the video, they might believe by these comments. However, for those who have been enlightened and are having a new hope with their thyroid disease, they will surely claim otherwise.

So, what is this video all about? What is the content of the thyroid secret?


Here is what you can expect from this video:

  1. Thyroid disease revealed
  2. The Thyroid Misinformation and Misdiagnosis Machine
  3. Unknown Thyroid Therapies
  4. The Truth About Toxins (our favorite episode)
  5. Healing Thyroid Disease
  6. The Stress Sickness
  7. Motherhood Interrupted
  8. Healing From Within
  9. The Thyroid Success Stories

about the Thyroid Secret Video

Why the author of this video is quite confident she can tackle all that are listed above? This is because the author is also suffering from a thyroid disease and she is a thyroid expert. She aims to share her journey while dealing with the difficulties of being a thyroid disease patient.

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