Having a breast implant doesn’t immediately give you perky and pretty boobs. Before that, there is a stage of care and rest to achieve your dream. We will go through some tips that are going to greatly help you return to your normal self.

Don’ts After Breast Augmentation1

Tips to recover safely

  • Following your doctor’s instructions will help you stay away from many complications.
  • Give your body enough energy to heal and rest to the maximum
  • Keep fun aside with alcohol until you have finished all your medication
  • Find the correct sleeping position. While sleeping on your back maybe comfortable for some, others might prefer sleeping in a reclined position, whatever eases your pain
  • Before returning to any activities, it is important you pay deep attention to your body’s needs. If it requires more rest, then that is the best to do.
  • Don’t miss your appointments post surgery. Your doctor must be aware of everything happening to you after the surgery and it is important to monitor your body time to time after the surgery
  • Get all the nutrients your body requires by eating healthy food and drink plenty of water and other fluids
  • Remember to call your doctor if you encounter infection, short breath, bleeding, increased pain etc

Don’ts After Breast Augmentation3

Obstacles to a healthy recovery

  • Avoid any kind of exercise for at least up to six weeks after the surgery
  • Have neutral intake of salt and avoid eating more salt
  • Taking a shower is advisable however you need to be very sure of drying the incisions completely
  • Smoking as well is not advisable during the recovery period
  • Hurting your incisions will only increase the complications and it is better to wear buttoned loose clothes that can be easily worn and removed
  • Don’t sleep in any position causing discomfort

Don’ts After Breast Augmentation2

Contact your doctor for any emergency is the safest way to avoid dangerous complications. Elise Bernier centre of surgery takes utmost care of their patients’ pre and post surgery. Every patient is given instructions of aftercare post the breast augmentation procedure. They are experts at producing the desired results and have been in this industry for about thirty years.

Once you are through the recovery period safely, you can flaunt those plump twins like never before! Confidence, self-esteem, strong personality and a womanly figure are some new additions!


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