If you too want a perfect smile, going for teeth-bleaching and whitening can be the best way. There are a lot of people having discoloured or stained teeth and want to make their smile shinier and whiter. While they first think that whitening strips or whitening toothpaste can do great for them, it is not the case anymore.

There is no alternative to professional whitening treatment. While you may find many products online or at the physical stores, they won’t help you get the desirable results. So now, let us see what benefits a professional whitening treatment can bring for you.

Comfortable and quick treatment

With some whitening products available at local pharmacy, you may get brighter teeth. However, you may sometimes need to use them for quite a long time to get noticeable results. With some of the products, you may not be able to see the desired results at all.

Moreover, many patients that have used over-the-counter products have reported sensitivity and pain while using them. On the other hand, professional whitening treatment can produce the desired results for up to 10 shades brighter in just one hour with no kind of side effects at all.

Treatments that are customized specially for you!

Most of the whitening treatments including strips and trays are sold as one-size fits all. However, they hardly fir to most of the users since every person has smile of different shape and size. Thus, ill fitting strips or trays can be one of the major reasons why many patients experience sensitivity and whitening in their gums and teeth.

Professional treatment can provide patients with even coverage of all of their teeth. In this approach, your doctor will create custom-fit tray based on impressions of your teeth and your overall goals. These trays offer uniform application of whitening treatment and even protect your gums and lips from making contact with gel.

Long lasting and safe results

Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, professional whitening treatment offers results that last for a very long time. The doctor can even provide you with take-home maintenance kit. This kit will include custom-fit trays as well as whitening gel to be used at home. This can be typically useful if you want to see your teeth to be one or two shade more bright.

Have a brighter, healthier, and cleaner smile by going for the right professional whitening treatment. Schedule an appointment at centredentairestonge.com right away!


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