21st century demands you to be in shape. Not only rationally but also physically. Who doesn’t want to look good and stay healthy at the same time! And the only way through a fit life is balanced diet and daily exercise. In our day to day life, amidst all the work it becomes really difficult to take out time for gym. Here’s to those who cannot get time or are lazy enough to hit a gym after work, very simple DIY exercises at home, which will not only make people fit but content too. When a person dwells upon home fitness methodologies, small but rock-solid sessions of exercise are suggested which can lead to vast changes in one’s body! The workouts should be quick but strong, but the beginning needs to be slow and steady. Remember always that Consistency is the key to great outcomes.

How to begin?

People always get irresolute as on how to start with home fitness. Thinking will definitely curb all the time one especially took out for exercise. So rather than pondering on when to start, there are defined set of exercises available, which will undoubtedly be easy to begin as well as quite effective. It’s the cumulative effect of those exercise that can do wonders for all. Based on detailed research and mass-studies, scientists have suggested that 10 minutes of exercise done three times a day (before breakfast, before lunch and before bedtime), can prove to be most operative when comes to losing weight and acquiring positive health effects in comparison to long interval exercise like a very common 45 minutes dying routine. A person should pick up 3 to 5 exercises each day that works on many muscle types, like to begin with high jumps, squats pushup rows, squat jumps, burpees, spider pushups, Lunges along with shoulder press, without exaggerating your body in the beginning.

Fitness Starts At Home.


Everything depends on what you want to derive from the exercises. If the desired effect is gaining muscle then there is a set of exercise one can do. Such people can choose 2-3 exercises that work on specific muscle groups like deadlifts, bench press, squats, and pushups with around 8-10 times repetitions in a set of three. For a full body exercise, a person can adopt the following regime in which he can use heavier weights (but the weight should not go beyond his capabilities). The entire concentration should go on maintaining the form, otherwise no exercise would be beneficial. Minimal periods of resting is suggested in between the exercises. If a person is interested to enhance his endurance then he must perform three sets of cardio exercises like jumping jacks, basketball shuffles, jump ropes etc. All these must be done in high intensities. One should understand the difference between ‘exercise sore’ and muscle pain. Do not do any exercise if it pains badly, immediately consult your doctor. All these exercise helps in reducing calories, betterment of cardiovascular health and gaining muscles.

The only thing to commence home fitness is to set your mind to do what is must and to not stop in between. Everyone is busy but it’s time to live for yourself, being fit and in shape. Change is inevitable and it is you who can bring it.


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