Many teenagers require orthodontic treatment for teeth that need adjustment and straightening. The trouble is that as ugly as traditional braces are, they are necessary to modify the positions of teeth in the jawline so that further chronic dental problems are not experienced by the individual. When teeth are not treated and straightened through the use of brace technology, it can cause the misalignment of teeth, speech issues, and jawline problems.

Even though all dentists and orthodontists understand the benefits of realigning and straightening teeth early in life, the real problem is that up until now the thought of having metal braces installed has sent many teenagers into a spin! This is perfectly understandable, of course, because teenagers are especially vulnerable to teasing from their peers, the perceptions of others, and issues with self-image. Fortunately, dental technology has improved to the point that there is now an effective alternative that is much more discreet.

The Advantages of the Invisalign System of Clear Braces Technology

No doubt there has been many a teenager with metal braces who has wished that they were either not there at all or were invisible so that others couldn’t see them. For teenagers in the 21st century, such a solution has arrived in the form of Invisalign technology.


The Invisalign system allows for the manufacture of clear braces that are virtually invisible when worn. They are composed of a high-grade medical plastic that is clear and durable. When wearing a series of these aligners, the teeth are gradually moved into a new alignment and their position modified. For dental professionals they represent an effective treatment, but the real magic of them is in their benefits to sensitive teenagers around the country. Consider the following benefits:

  • Eating and drinking: Metal braces are stuck to the teeth and are non-removable. This means that food particles get stuck in them and they need to be cleaned thoroughly to be maintained in top condition. By contrast, clear Invisalign braces can be removed and replaced easily. This means that the person wearing the can simply remove them when eating and drinking so that they are not gunked up with food particles and chunks.
  • Visual: First on the list for most teenagers is the fact that clear braces in Melbourne and elsewhere are virtually invisible when they are being worn! This means that the smiles that were once so rare when wearing metal braces can now be beamed at will.
  • Confidence: The fact that Invisalign braces are almost invisible when being worn also means that people wearing them do not have to suffer the slings and arrows that one needs to endure when wearing ugly metal braces. This is great for self-esteem and self-confidence.

Fixing Your Smile with Clear Braces

Teenagers have been waiting for decades for a teeth straightening solution that is easy to use and practically invisible to others. The other benefit is that this new technology also allows for a virtual view of what the teeth will look like once treatment is complete. The alignment of powerful software and medical-grade plastic has truly resulted in a solution that is exciting!

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