Proper alignment of teeth gives you a beautiful smile. You can avoid many dental problems like plaque, gum diseases etc with properly aligned teeth. Besides, they also look good and healthy. Even alignment of teeth helps you to speak and eat properly.

If you are facing problem with uneven teeth, then by consulting a specialist, you can get straight teeth. Orthodontic treatment ensures healthy teeth that last for a lifetime. It helps to prevent future dental problems as well like tooth loss, jaw problems etc.

Teeth misalignment occurs due to a number of reasons. You can opt for perfect treatment depending on your need and recommendation of your specialist. There a lot of treatment choices like metal and clear braces, lingual arch wires, invisalign trays, and removable appliances, which can help you get straight teeth.

Braces For Proper Alignment Of Teeth

Braces are usually used to fix your malocclusion or bad bite, over-jet, cross as well as open bites. These days small, light and invisible braces are available and you can wear them without embarrassment. Here are a few commonly used treatment options to make your teeth perfect.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces contain metal brackets that are comfortable to use for a long time. You can add elastic band colors to create your braces unique and stylish.

Braces For Proper Alignment Of Teeth

Clear Braces 

Clear braces are made up of see-through material and functions just like the traditional braces. One can hardly notice these braces.

Invisible Braces

Invisalign will have removable trays to fix your teeth. Invisible braces give you a great comfort as they are prepared with pliable material that helps to adjust your teeth. You can maintain oral health by removing them while brushing, drinking etc.

Removable Appliances

Removable space maintainers – These are made up of acrylic base and functions like the fixed maintainers.

Cheek and lip bumper – It helps to maintain distance between cheeks and teeth. When you speak or eat, your cheeks and lip muscles apply some pressure on your teeth. These bumpers will help you to get relief from this pressure.

Clear Braces

In addition to these, they are some other devices like palatal expander, removable retainers, headgear, etc, that can be used to align your teeth. If you have a few misaligned teeth, then you can opt for a partial orthodontic treatment, as it requires very less time to correct them. You could also visit websites of popular orthodontists such as for more information on misalignment treatment.