A steroid is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body. These hormones may include androgens, estrogens and progestin. There are synthetic steroids that are readily available in the market and these produces the same hormones similar to that of which is naturally produced. These are available in the form of tablets, injections etc. Testosterone is one of the naturally produced hormones. Synthetic steroids are those which have the same effect which is similar to that of the naturally produced hormone.

Benefits of steroids

Steroids exhibit a lot of masculinizing and feminizing effects. It can be used to reduce the body weight, increase the lean muscles and also to make an increase in the appetite. Some of the steroids are even helpful for the treatment of delay in puberty and some other type of diseases.

Steroids have the capability to decrease the inflammation and this is why it is used for the treatment of arthritis.

Steroids are given to the asthma patients through the inhaler which gives a very good relief for them.

Steroid cream and ointments are available for the treatment of many skin problems. Steroids are also taken orally for the auto immune diseases including Crohns.

Some of the eye problems can be treated with the help of the steroids and also used for treating the cancer disease through which the nausea that is caused by the chemotherapy can be decreased. This may also help in decreasing the allergic reactions that are caused by the blood transfusion.

Steroids for Women

Like men steroids are now commonly used by the women also. Steroids are now available in the market for women aiming the purpose of losing the body weight. Studies have proven that women can use the steroids as men do but there is a limit for all the usage. This is due to the side effects of such steroids. It has been noted that for people who do not use the steroids with the proper dose have a chance of causing serious side effects.

One of the effective methods to attain the desired result with the help of steroids is to consume the steroids as per the cycle. It is better to continue on light cycles so as to attain proper results. The consumption of the steroids will differ as per each individual. The training program will be as per the body structure, type and the different type of diet followed by each individual. A proper diet need to be maintained for the women along with the steroids. Consumption of protein rich diet can give a better result. Also vitamins and nutrients along with this diet need to be taken.

Since the steroids replicate the testosterones there is a possibility to cause hormonal changes in the body. This may lead to menstrual abnormalities in women. Some of the problems that are caused due to the steroids is the emotional changes .It may sometimes cause depression and mood swings. There are chances of causing liver problems and increased level of the cholesterol. Increase in the cholesterol level of the body leads to many cardiac related problems.

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