Anyone can lose their teeth and there can be plenty of reasons behind it. There are individuals, who lose their teeth because of accident or natural causes like old age. However, when we talk about a dental implant, exactly how you lost your teeth isn’t crucial, but what is important is you can have it replaced in a very short time.

A dental implant is a metal post or frame, which is surgically placed into your jawbone under the gums. Once it is placed, they allow dentists to fix replacement teeth on them.

How exactly a Dental Implant Work?

An Implant is basically fixed to your jawbone to make sure that there is some support for the replacement teeth. Dentures and bridges, which are mounted on implant don’t slip or shift, and that is great, especially while speaking and eating. Compared to conventional bridges and dentures, the ones which are mounted on an implant feel more natural and fixed.

In fact, for many individuals, having normal dentures and bridges is not at all possible. This is because of poor ridges, sore spots, etc. Unlike ordinary bridges, when a replacement tooth is placed on an implant, the adjacent teeth need no preparation.

Dental Implants .

Different dental implant types

There are many different types of implants available these days. However, there are three most commonly used ones. They are described as per their shape and how they are fixed to the jaw. They are:

  • ENDOSSEOUS: It is fixed within the bone

This type of implant usually looks like a cylinder or a screw. They are made of metal, ceramic or metal covered with ceramic material. It is fixed within the jawbone. Endosseous implant also comes in blade-shape.

  • SUBPERIOSTEAL: It is fixed on top of the bone

This type of implant is made using metal. It is attached on the top of your jawbone, but under the gum tissues.

  • TRANSOSTEAL: It is fixed through the bone

This type of implant comes in U-shape. It is passed through the jawbone and gum tissues in the mouth.

Dental Implants

Implant is for you if:

In order to get an implant, you must have healthy gums and necessary bone support. Besides, you should also make all the necessary efforts to keep the structure healthy. Appropriate oral hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly is inevitable.

Comparatively implant is an expensive procedure. However, most of the dental insurances cover the expense of implant surgeries and so before going ahead you must make sure of it.

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