Tongkat ali supplement is sourced from a shrub called Eurycoma longifolia which is native Southeast Asian shrub. It is actually sourced from bark and roots of this shrub. It is used for number of purposes. Some of them include building muscle, erectile dysfunction and in the reduction of body fat.

There will be significant growth in arm circumference and overall muscle growth by using this supplement. One more advantage of this supplement is that it encourages fat free mass. So increased muscle size and strength can be achieved but there will be reduced body fat. Athletes can replace anabolic steroids by using these supplements because they can achieve same results. Due to its anabolic effects it can result in enhanced athletic performance. In anabolism, simpler molecules are used to synthesize complex molecules by using energy which is stored. This will result in reduction of body fat and enhanced muscle growth.

Side effects:

Insomnia is the very common side effect caused by Tongkat Ali supplement. This can be avoided by starting small doses and gradually increasing it to reach the prescribed dose. This will give time to the body to get adjusted to the supplement. One more side effect can be sleep disorder. This can be avoided by taking the dose of this supplement at day time.

Some of the other side effects are restlessness, irritability, being easily angered and impatience. There is less information about its effect on breast feeding and pregnant women. It is better to avoid this supplement in these two conditions.

In some conditions the usage of this supplement is strictly not recommended. Some of them are people suffering from heart disease, breast cancer, kidney issues, prostate cancer, sleep apnea and liver issues.

It should not be combined with any of the medications prescribed as immunosuppressant. People with impaired immune systems also should avoid this supplement. Diabetic patients, better avoid this supplement because it can affect blood sugar levels.

Its use in erectile dysfunction is studied and proved. It can yield results in athletic performance and bodybuilding without the use of anabolic steroids. It’s anti cancer properties are yet to be studied. Even though it is considered safe, better to discuss with doctor before taking this supplement.

Effects on libido:

Both in men and women, this supplement can enhance libido. Since it has a natural phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor, it is very effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Almost all products of ED come with this inhibitor.

During sexual arousal in ED patients there will be reduced blood flow to the penis. This is the reason PDE5 inhibitor is used in the treatment of ED. This will result in preventing this action and will lead to successful erection.

Icariin is the PDE5 inhibitor naturally found in tongkat ali. This supplement can even act as an aphrodisiac. But synthetic inhibitors can only target one specific compound in the body.

From many years this E.longifolia is in use in medical industry. Its part in treating sexual dysfunction has centuries of history. Today it is gained popularity in all over the world because of its properties towards sexual enhancement and as an aphrodisiac. Grab more info on Nootriment.

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