When your peaceful life is threatened by something dreadful like the Hashimoto disease, you might completely lose all hopes. Not only that, you might even blame yourself and will fall into a depression.


Hashimoto disease is the result when your own immune system will start attacking your thyroid. Your thyroid might just be a small part of your neck but this affects almost all major organs, and these organs can also be affected once the thyroid itself gets defective.

Most doctors are not aware that there is a cure for this type of disease. And this is what they will tell to their patients. However, this is not true. The thyroid secret video will tell you that.

Who is behind this video? This video is authored by Dr. Wentz, a Hashimoto disease, survivor. That is right, she is a prominent thyroid expert, and she can’t just let this disease bring her down.


Because she survived, she wants others who are in the same condition as her to survive as well. They want them to know how to cope with their situation. Everything about the Hashimoto disease is here. That is why you should not miss this!

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