Plastic surgery is high in demand in Australia and the areas of Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne reported significant increase in women who are interested to undergo surgery. In a recent report by plastic surgeons, 79 percent of women aged 18-34 are researching and showing interest in cosmetic plastic surgery.

 Sydney women in particular are interested in liposuction or rhinoplasty. On the other hand, breast augmentations are more preferred by women in Brisbane.

 What are the benefits of this plastic surgery? Is there an age limit? Can over 40 women still undergo plastic surgery?

The Best of Plastic Surgery Offers in Sydney

 Searching and finding the best plastic surgeons may not be always easy. Women consider several factors and recommendations play an important role. How can Sydney women benefit from the plethora of plastic surgery procedures offered by surgeons in Sydney? Check out these benefits.

  1. Access to top notch surgeons

Many of the best plastic surgeons have clinics and facilities in Sydney. Because of the increasing demand in quality plastic surgery procedures, top notch surgeons established presence here.

You can check out professional plastic surgeons like Doctor Laith Barnouti. Some of the services these experts offer include cosmetic surgery in Sydney offering services such as breast augmentation, breast enlargement, breast implants, mummy makeover plastic surgery, breast implants, nose jobs, face lifts, tummy tuck, liposuction, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and vagina rejuvenation.

Doctor Darrell Perkins is also another surgeon par excellence. Dr. Perkins has established a clientele who valued utmost comfort and personal care.

Doctor Eddy Dona is known for his skills in reconstructive surgery. He had years of experience in repairing damaged features and enhancing existing natural beauty.

  1. Wide range of plastic surgery options

Plastic surgery is no longer constrained within liposuction, breast enhancements and nose lift. Patients can now look into breast augmentation, as well as breast implants and breast enlargement. Aside from these, mummy makeover plastic surgery, face lifts, nose jobs, tummy tuck, liposuction, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and vagina rejuvenation are yet some of the other cosmetic treatments you can get in Sydney.


Just ask your surgeon what you want and chances are there is a procedure that will be suitable for your need. Whether you are 18 years old or over 40 women, your friendly doctors will talk to you and discuss treatments and procedures available and suitable for you.

  1. Proven track record

Surgeons in Sydney have spent at least 20 years of study and practice to improve their skills in plastic surgery. Many of them have won prestigious awards, attended Ivy League schools in Australia and abroad.

Take Doctor Steve Merten for example. He was named the 2016 RealSelf 500 list, a finalist in 2016 My Face My Body Awards for Best Plastic Surgery Practice and rate first in the 2016 “Best Plastic Surgeons in Sydney, NSW” by Three Best Rated.

  1. Competitive surgery packages

Plastic surgery is a competitive industry. As a result, you can shop around and compare prices among the different clinics available in Sydney. If you have been a loyal patient of the center, you can even get more discounts, freebies and special rates. You get the best service at the best price.


  1. Efficient postoperative support

After undergoing plastic surgery, patients need support and care. The surgeons in Sydney offer efficient postoperative support to ensure that patients attain full recovery and enjoy the results of their plastic surgery procedure.

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