Far from being bad for the body, calories are actually essential to energy production. This substance only becomes a burden when you consume too much of it. Combining high-calorie intake with low physical activity can lead to the accumulation ofexcess calories, which is then stored in the body as fat. By consciously checking on the food that you eat, you can enjoy a nutritious meal without feeling the guilt. However, tracking your calories is not as easy as one might think.

Depending on your age, current lifestyle, and calorie knowledge, you might have a hard time maintaining your calorie count. For example, senior citizens might forget to read the label, while people who are too busy with work hardly have the time to care about what they put in their shopping basket. Luckily, our current love affair with smart gadgets, plus a few other traditional technologies, affords us easy ways to track our calorie intake.

  1. Good Ole’ Pen and Paper

If you are not a tech savvy type of individual, then recording your calorie intake on a notebook will do. Bringing your trusty pen and paper is enough for you to write down the calories that are present in one meal. What’s more, you can prepare for you next grocery visit ahead of time by writing down a grocery list beforehand. This method might be simple, but it works all the same.

  1. Installing Apps for Your Devices

Your handheld device is your portal to hundreds of apps that can keep track of your calories for you. Apps are more convenient and much easier to manage than a food journal. Plus, apps have intuitive, simple controls, so anyone can use it no matter what age. Here are some examples of calorie tracker apps you can install on your device:

MyFitnessPal – has one of the largest food databases available and supports both iOS and Android devices. In addition to this, MyFitnessPal supports a number of restaurants, so it even tracks your calories while you are on the go.

FatSecret – this app is completely free and is downloadable on both iOS and Android. Unlike other calorie counter apps, FatSecret does not shove down fad diets or customized diet plans in your face. The main focus of this app is you and how you control what you eat. With the support of the FatSecretcommunity,you’ll have no problem counting your calories.

LoseIt- this app is perfect for those who are physically active. Not only does LoseIt keep an eye on your food, but it also tracks your activities. Plus, it comes with a barcode scanner, so you can quickly scan and add food servings to your log. This app is also available on both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Weight Loss Clinics and Doctors

For those who need to follow a certain diet, visiting a weight loss clinic or doctor who can sort out your ideal calorie intake is your best option. There are a lot of weight loss clinics in Michigan and Arizona that can create a custom diet that suits your current situation. Unlike the other two, this method has a stricter path to follow, and clinics often offer weight loss/gain techniques that go beyond the food that you eat. While the solutions they offer might be slightly different, doctors and health clinics can give you a customized plan that will help you keep your body in its best health.

Whatever method you go with, you can be sure that these tools, coupled with a bit of self-control and exercise, will help you achieve your goals for your body.



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